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Meet the Founder

Sade Jean-Jacques is a social justice educator, full spectrum doula, certified lactation counselor(CLC), mother and co-host of the Cafe Au Lait Podcast. Her natural hair journey inspired a lifestyle and interest that she has become very passionate about. Part of that journey included decolonizing notions of beauty and exploring holistic wellness.

Sade began making homemade body care products in 2013; during a time of transition and healing. Upon completion of graduate school and moving to Connecticut, Sade experienced an allergic reaction to a skin care product she had been using. Most of her life, she had difficulty finding products for her sensitive skin. Her mother spent much time and money exploring various products.  

Once Sade began making and sharing her products, she never looked back. She spent a lot of time perfecting her recipes and techniques. She discovered that sometimes, less is more.  Sade shared her products with close friends and family who urged her to share them.

Pascale is a name shared by both Sade and her mother. This name was chosen to represent the journey of a mother-daughter duo to find healthy, non-toxic skin and hair care alternatives.

Our Mission

To promote wellness and self-care by providing high quality and organic skin care products.

 Our Vision

To create accessible and affirmative spaces within wellness for marginalized people, specifically Black women, where they are seen, heard and uplifted.

Self-Care and Wellness Philosophy

We believe that body care is self-care. It means tending to your physical, spiritual and emotional needs that involves connecting to the core of you and deepening your relationship with yourself. We invite you to explore your self-care practice(s) through using products that nourish your body.

Decolonize Wellness

Wellness has become a space that is often times inaccessible and centers whiteness. We are intentional about centering marginalized people, specifically Black women and making our products accessible. You will also notice that our products are not gender specific. Our products are great for anyone to use!